Pests have been a matter of affair for Homeowners and corporations in Singapore. One pest capture at home is enough to proffer your sleepless midnights. With it begins a long queue of subjects like "how pest invasion happened," "how these pests survived to invade your home," How to get freed of this menace immediately, and so on.

We know your concern and urgency to get relieved of the pest difficulty as quickly as possible and at the merest cost without burning a pit in your pocket. But initially, we must ask ourselves an essential question.

"How often should Pest control be requested?"

Homeowners want to sustain a balance between spending the most limited possible price and triumphantly removing bug infestation from their premises. By this blog, we shall teach the users how they can get Efficient pest control with an optimum regularity of service needed. You will study the thumb rules that fit while deciding how often your home should be treated to accomplish cost-effective pest control services. The periodicity of assistance should be such that it is common enough to keep pests absent from your premises without slaughter.

How to determine Pest Control Treatment Frequency?

Whatever data we put across here is based on our range experience as a pest control engineer in Singapore for the last 30 years. It has been seen at times that customers select upon frequency themselves, which is an apparent mismatch between what they are receiving and what is required. Some clients in Singapore get their home pest controlled once in a year, too, when the pest problem becomes intolerable. On the opposite hand, some homeowners get their homes treated too frequently, which settles over pesticides' utilization. While some pests require more regular treatments, other bugs get to restrain just by one or two medicines at the most. It likewise depends on your situation's surroundings and how favorable your property is to a particular pest. For instance, in the case of a termite infestation of a home built on rocky earth, just one treatment is good enough to regulate termites for years collectively. On the other hand, if rats infest your home and there is a considerable drain or eatery near the house, it needs very regular services to get a fair degree of charge.

Also, different Pest control outcomes require different treatment periods as there is a variety in their enduring effect and mixed acceptability by an insect. As far as the outside of the house is concerned, one service every 3-4 months is an excellent idea as it works as a precautionary treatment option, and it does not let pest dilemmas crop up in the initial place. So If you get the surface of your house treated 3-4 times a year, you shouldn't have a pest threat inside of your home.

So it is prudent that first you get your premise thoroughly inspected by some trained Pest control expert, leave it on to him when it occurs to deciding the regularity of service for Pest control.

In the current years of the restrained economy, we have observed more people resorting to a do-it-your approach to getting rid of pests. There are some situations where we allow that to do it yourself is a reliable alternative to letting an exterminator. If you detect a single bug such as a housefly, yellow jacket, or insect, there is usually no need for a trained pest control company to come to your house. But if you find a termite, a bed bug, or any other pest that can destroy your family or your home, it is unavoidable to call an exterminator.

Some things need to be considered when deciding to DIY or select a professional:


  • DIY – A trip to the market and buying chemicals is typically less pricey than hiring a pest control firm.
  • Expert – Although the beginning investment is more costly with a professional, it may conclude being the cheaper alternative. If the in-store pesticides are not sufficient, they may rise in the growth of your pest control dilemma. Resuming to purchase in-store products can get costly. Not to suggest the potential loss to your home that pests can affect.


  • DIY – When making it yourself, you can go to the shop, purchase the pest control commodity, and use it at your ease.
  • Professional – It can be discomfort to find a suitable time for both you and your exterminator to attend your house for treatment. More frequently than not, this is at the trouble of the customer. Though, a skilled exterminator will run with the homeowner to list the most suitable time for them.


  • DIY – The instructions are on the mark. Not merely can knowledge be found on the name, but it is very accessible to go to the internet and do analysis on the singular product or pest. Be sure that all directions are developed exactly as listed on the box.
  • Professional – An expert and educated exterminator will be capable of recognizing and treating your query quickly. They can also answer any issues that you have about blocking or other problems you are encountering. Their expertise can keep

your house and family better than just seeing the instructions on a label.


  • DIY – Substances of any kind can carry a danger. Using chemicals that you are not informed about could potentially harm people, pets, or flowers in the field.
  • Professionals – By renting an experienced and expert pest control business, most uncertainty is extracted from the homeowner. Be sure to read all records and get

reviews of past customers before choosing a pest control company.


  • DIY – For little pest problems, shop-bought exterminating results can often be useful. For a more critical infestation, it cannot be comfortable with store purchased products. Pests are docile creatures and can become resistant to certain chemicals after a definite amount of time.
  • Professionals – A dependable pest control company will have up to date data and products to manage your infestation.


  • DIY – Depending on the market and product, you can deliver a product. Verify your local market return policies before buying.
  • Professionals – Always inquire about a company's policies before booking them to treat your house. Will they retort to your home for no cost if your problem is not solved? Do they offer guarantees on their work? A reliable exterminating company will.

When attempting to choose if you should take your pest control problem, think about the list above. For a little infestation, doing it yourself is a great option that can be economical. For more extensive infestations or a chronic problem, spare yourself the time, trouble, and business and call an expert exterminator.  As always, the code to pest control is prevention.


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